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This fall, we interviewed the guys from Un4Get. The interview was for our project HARD FM, which ceased to exist. And here we are publishing this interview here. While the boys have not residents of the label, but simply his comrades, but we believe - our cooperation with them will be fruitful.

Friends, hello! To introduce beginning: what is your name and where you are?
Hello! Hi HARD FM! Our name is Alex and Daniel, we '22, we from Ekaterinburg, Russia

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you become engaged in music, individually and then decided to unite in tandem or immediately become cohesive team and studied musical craft?
We went to school together, in parallel classes. Once at a friend's birthday, listening to our favorite band PRODIGY and heard them to such an extent that it was at the time and had the idea of writing songs. Started out small - decided to explore sequencer and here we go: one, three, five tracks.

Where does your name "Un4Get" and how it is translated?
We thought long and hard over the name, did not know what to think and just asked his girlfriend to send us a word in English, anytime. She sent us to "Unforgettable", which means in translation "unforgettable." After sitting there thinking we threw out part of "for", replacing it with the number "4" and completely removed the part "table", got what we have now - "Un4Get", something like "do not forget."

And in what style you write your work and how you came to this style of writing?
We do not as such defined framework, write what you like. I (says Alex) heard before hardcore themes, diluted all Drum & Bass and Neurofunk. Daniel listened to Prodigy, techno and here we obtained the insertion of these rare hardcore.

What do you do in life? Learn / work? And by the way, served in the army?
Daniel: I recently graduated from college "Urga" and now need to look for a job ... And so, my hobby is "Ferrari", in any of its manifestations. I love collecting modelki machines, just a huge collection of the way, now I'm sitting in a T-shirt "Ferrari".
Alexei: I'm retired from school, I decided to be killed in a little creativity, and recently got a job. I am now a bartender at the local airport, I like all these things. And yes, we did not serve in the army, do not take musicians there; D

Guys, you know the city? There are also fans of their city?
No, what's know? ... We did not play for about a year, and in our city is not particularly developed underground. All more like Drum & Bass, Jungle House or commercial well and we therefore do not specifically in the subject.

And plans have something big? Or is it all on the level of interest?
Yes, of course, the plans have a lot of things. We have a huge amount of work, demos and we do not lay it on the Internet, it must pass all serious. Oh, we have about 9000 demos (!) That have accumulated within 3 years. We write day and night, when I have time.

How do you predict further musical culture? Commerce will remain on the scene or still grow a new generation of underground-young people with their policies?
Underground will always be! This sort of thing that has been, is and will be! Each performer sooner or later faces the business.

In addition to our questions, there were others from the audience. Infinitely glad that guys like that are included in the conversation and ask what interests them. We have chosen a few of them and published below..

Alexey Ovchinnikov
On what label you want to graduate? And on what you already graduated?

XL!!! Wow! But it will be a very long time, we think so. This label is notable for us that there produced such artists as The Prodigy, Altern-8, MIA and many others ...
In Russia, a general problem with the labels, but we managed to produce some. Our debut label: SoundBeat Recordings, but in general we were issued on Deadvolt Records and Cool Music Records.

Alexey Yemelyantsev
As you look for an ideal audience for speeches?

The audience that comes off. The audience, which gives you all my energy, it's just not explainable feeling. The most important thing is not to have been drunk "zero" to come to listen to music, and not rest on drugs.

You are acting as if you are using some scenic images: masks, costumes?
We had an idea, but then we thought that we do many, Cyberpunkers, for example. We constantly sharpen both behave on stage, weigh all the "pros" and "cons" as people would react to a particular movement.
And so we are jumping on the stage all the time.

What inspires you the most when writing tracks?
It all depends on my mood. Often there is no spirit, villages, made ​​one track, and if there is, then the other. Just then weighed, it is better and refined.

What do you wish for Beginners "Thrasher", who are just starting to write?
The most important thing is persistence, linger for days and nights at work, do not surrender. Need to write music for myself, not for anyone. What you want to hear. And if you think "damn, something is not right" and try to throw everything - no need to do that. We have also been cases even disintegrated project, there were many disagreements, but then settled down all by itself. The most important thing to find someone to be inspired! For example, we are inspired by Trumpdisco - very much we like them.

Ilya Stolyarov
When you come up with a debut album?

We are now preparing their debut album ready for seven tracks. In general, we think, an album will be from 11 to 15 tracks, so that 40 percent of everything is ready. Very interesting and different styles are waiting for you in our release. Now think to sign an album on the label, here on what we think.

Wish our listeners something?
Musicians want to write and be inspired, do not stop there. Listeners want to listen to good music, everyone is their own;)

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